Five tips for applying wooden panels on walls

Elegant, welcoming and colorful. Wood paneling is a very interesting and original resource when decorating a space. Print to the room a lot of personality and bring warmth to any home. In any case, when using wooden panels to cover a wall or ceiling, it is advisable to take into account a series of tips.- The usual thickness for vertical coatings is usually 16 millimeters. These wooden panels are large and, with a smaller thickness, it is possible that the piece arched. This thickness is used to prevent them from bending- To avoid this circumstance, it is advisable to add a counterface of any kind of wood to stabilize, in addition to an unfinished background varnish for the counterbalance (if the pore is left open, the air enters and , if the other side is varnished, ends up folding the board) – It is recommended when installing the panels not to lean against the wall as they arch, always on the floor separated by sticks.- in the case that have a base in poplar plywood is interesting not edging the board to appreciate the different sheets In the case of panels with rustica effect (Tradition), the hardness of the surface of this material allows its use for areas of high traffic such as hotels, restaurants, community hallways, elevators, etc … It is a wood with aged effect, so that the more you wear, the more beautiful the result will be. If you liked this article, Maybe you want to read this article related to the aging effect.