Selection of 15 models of boards veneered with prefabricated veneer and Asian bamboo, with different structures and colours, wherein the designers look for a continuity in the grain, without renouncing the natural wood, FOR MORE ECONOMIC AND ECOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS. All are available in stock, in addition to brackets, and edge plates

Sanded Oak
Ref. R98 *

Patterned Oak
Ref. 12 *

Patterned Chestnut
Ref. C90

Branched Chestnut 4 cathedrals
Ref. C91

Toasted bamboo
Ref. 229

Patterned Walnut
Ref. N7

Teka Ref. TK4
Mongoy Ref. R92
Branched Walnut 6 cathedrals Ref. N6
Cebrano Ref. 64

Prefabricated Ebony
Ref. 3

Ref. 7 *

Red Ebony Ref. R74
Sanded black elm entab Ref. 267 *
Black Ebony Ref. R35

* Available in “FSC”