Project Description

ENERGY Collection 2018-2019

We created 8 models of panels laminated with natural wood veneer of 0.6 mm. with a lot of touch. Rusticated, smoked, distressed by the trace of time. They can be varnished or oiled, achieving the same final appearance as solid wood, but with the stability of the board. Available #FSC and on any basis.

Splint Old Oak Rusticated RR
REF. V23

Splint Knotted Oak Rusticated RR
REF. V16

Smoked Eucalyptus Frisse Combined Rusticated RR
REF. V02

Splint Branched Oak Rusticated RR
REF. V05

Splint Sawn Oak Rusticated RR
REF. V29

Grey Splint Old Oak “Rain” Rusticated RR (Wet Wood Effect Barn Exterior)
REF. V31

Vintage Brown Splint Old Oak Rusticated RR Old Wood Effect like Drawer Ironmonger’s Interior
REF. V32

Vintage Ashtree Olivato Combined Rusticated RR

Splinted Old Pine

Splinted Knotty Spruce Pine
REF. V03

Rustic walnut splinted