Acoustic wooden panels that separate and decorate at the same time

Our own day-to-day needs make us try to make the most of the spaces we have available. At home, at work, in restaurants, in hotels, … A good way to exploit the rooms is, using elements that can perform several functions at the same time. A tangible example by which, we can verify this reality is with the case of screens or partitions: We have a large and open space but we want to use it for several activities in the case of a public place; or create several environments in the case of the home itself. For both cases, we have two options: either we incur a work and we build partitions (whether plasterboard, plaster, etc.) or separate with screens. The case of the first is a cost of work and time. In the case of the second, it is a resource, often not very elegant. In addition, in this last case, we must add another inconvenience, the sound. There is a third option that covers all the previous needs: separating spaces, decorating rooms and soundproofing environments. These are veneered panels of wood or MDF combined with fabrics that perform an acoustic function. In the attached image, I suggest some ideas, in case they might seem interesting. And if you are interested in learning more about this collection, I invite you to visit