Rusticated effect, a natural alternative to solid wood

Raclima bets on trends in interior design. The return to nature is a reality in the world of design and decoration, which is why Raclima, with its “Tradition” collection, offers us a very interesting and innovative alternative with its wooden panels. The firm proposes its interior coverings for any space without having to resort to solid wood but, at the same time, without giving up natural wood. We offer panels covered with any type of natural wood veneer on a board with any other base, which provides greater versatility and enriches alternatives to the final product. The Raclima proposal goes further. With this collection, the company offers three levels of texture with three types of natural aging that simulate the passage of time, so that the more you age the wood, the more beautiful the effect that is produced. With this new concept, the advantages over the use of solid wood, are considerable: – you can get this effect with any veneer of natural wood, and you are not subject to a particular type, as happens with solid wood-can be adapted to any type of surface From a wall or ceiling, to a table, cabinet or door – the customer can select the desired quality of sheet and joint type – in solid wood, defects with knots can appear. Not with plywood, where the selection is controlled. Do you want oak without knots? You got it. – our veneered panels have already been treated in the cutting process, so that they do not suffer alterations with the sudden changes. In solid wood with changes in temperature, the pieces can break, crack or bend. This interesting alternative is already being used. In the attached photo, the substitution of solid wood is observed, by the Raclima wood panels, with which the desired rustic effect is obtained. In this case, the chosen model is the White Oak Terol T013