Use noble woods and add value to your project

Walnut, pauferro or ebony (see the photograph that accompanies the text). These are examples of some types of noble woods. A type of wood very nice, exotic, some of them but that, due to its high cost, due to its quality, are more difficult to acquire. Although there are more affordable alternatives. There is an alternative to enjoy this precious material. But before going into more details, it would be interesting to know more characteristics of this type of wood: – The noble woods are a type of wood that, because of its hardness, are often used for all kinds of industrial uses. – They tend to be harder than those of other types because they are born from species with broad leaves, which grow very slowly. This slow growth makes them much harder. – Time enhances the beauty of wood and, more so if it is in noble woods. – Regarding treatment, hardwood of good quality does not need more treatment than a simple seal posterior.-At a purely visual level, a peculiar characteristic of noble woods is the diverse range of tonalities they present, which differentiates them from other softwood species, and which makes noble woods often used in decoration.- Taking years to develop enough to be used, these noble woods are much more expensive than soft woods, such as pine or fir. But, as we said at the beginning of the article, there is an alternative access to these beautiful woods: The solution is none other than with plywood panels, MDF or agglomerate, but veneered with natural wood. With this alternative, the professional can enjoy the aesthetic and technical advantages of the noble woods, such as ebony or walnut, and at the same time, not spend all the budget available, in solid wood. But, in addition to the price, There are many other advantages, which advise the use of veneered panels, compared to solid wood. To know them, we invite you to read the following article.