Wooden finishes according to your style

Give the master touch to your project. Going from doing a good job, to doing a brilliant job. This is the goal that we set ourselves by the professionals that work in the world of construction, architecture and interior design. But this result is not produced by chance, it is the small details that make the difference. In the specific case of wood, the varnish selected depending on the type of surface, is what will make you look more or less your work. That’s why, from Raclima we wanted to highlight some types of varnish, if you can guide our experience in some way when decidiros: – Gloss (gloss): this type of varnish is usually used for more elaborate, high-end furniture. Historically it is related to high quality, glamor and sophistication.- Satin: it is the most standardized varnish. It is usually applied on the interior doors of a room – Mate: this type of finishes are gaining more ground in the taste of users, and is usually selected by architects, interior designers and designers. – Nature: I wanted to include this finish together with the varnishes because, despite not being a varnish to use, it is a compound, created by Raclima, which gives the touch of the wood a more authentic and natural touch. To end, highlight that Raclima can offer its customers their finished products with the options previously mentioned or, if they prefer, without finishing. If you want to have more information about our finishes, you can visit