Mediterranean-style interior design

The Mediterranean design, like its people and its culture, offers the user an atmosphere in his house, warm and vibrant. The interior decoration of the house reflects the natural beauty of its coasts, which enjoy a warm and temperate climate that encourages outdoor life. This is the effect that is tried to take to the interior of the house. Mediterranean decoration The decoration with reminiscences to the Spanish style is very important, being used elements with a finish that is located in a middle point between the arabesque and the marine, being able to use warm tonalities. Wooden ceilings predominate in the style of Mediterranean decoration. The furniture is usually decorated, with chairs with curves. Spanish designs are opulent and a wide spectrum of colors is often used, similar to Italian styles. Matte finishes are usually more prevalent than bright ones. Mediterranean interior design The walls are mostly textured. The Mediterranean style reflects a broad color scheme that suggests an elegant and ancient way of life. Warm colors such as coral, beige, terracotta, butter yellow, are ideal for interior designs of the Mediterranean. Also the typical white, with accessories blue, teal and fire. Furniture As far as furniture is concerned, its designs are ornamental. Robust furniture, wood such as pine, oak are the most used: noble and timeless materials. If you liked this article and want to know more about the Mediterranean trend, you may be interested in knowing our most Mediterranean collections.